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Monday, June 5, 2017

Bradley's Minecraft Birthday Party

Bradley has asked for a Minecraft birthday party for the past 2 years and he finally had his little dream come true yesterday!  I don't understand Minecraft at all.  I've tried watching him when he plays it on the Xbox but I can't help but to space out.  So planning a Minecraft birthday party wasn't exactly something I was excited about.  But thanks to a couple Pinterest ideas and my husband's amazing hidden decorating talents, the party was a huge success!

The birthday invitations were ordered on Etsy by seller CENDETGACOR.  I received the download within an hour.  I printed the invitation on white paper and then glued it on yellow card stock.

The best decision I made was to have his cake professionally made.  That saved me a ton of time and it was one less thing to stress about.  Cakes Extraordinaire did an amazing job and the cake was delicious!  

I ordered all of the party favor trinkets from Oriental Trading and Amazon.   The party favors included a mini rubix cube, a Minecraft bracelet, plush toy and sticker, a rock shaped bouncy ball, and milk chocolate rocks.  I used clear boxes to put everything in and printed out the Minecraft picture from his birthday invitation to insert in the front.

Mike made all the wall decorations and I was blown away with his creativity.  He got the main Creeper piece idea from Pinterest but the other pieces were his own.  He's pretty amazing like that!

 We had a bounce house for the kids to jump in and of course the tire swing and tree house was a big hit.  We had one group game that was a lot of fun.  Mike and I hid 8 bags of Legos in four different locations in the backyard.  One set was hidden in a tree, one set was in the fire pit, one set was in the tree house, and one set was buried in the ground.  We split the kids into 2 teams and each team was given a map.  The map had a drawing on where they could find their bags of Legos.  Once the team had found all 4 bags of Legos, they brought them to a table and created their own mini world as a team.  After they finished, we had bean bags the other team could throw at the mini world.  The mini world that stayed in tact the longest won.  

Bradley said the bounce house was his favorite thing about the party!

And the hunt begins!
Digging the Legos out was pretty cool for them.

Working hard to build their mini world out of Legos.
The finished results!

I kept the food easy by just offering cake, ice cream, and juice boxes.  That saved me a lot of prep time!  My favorite thing I did was to take pictures of all our party decorations and post them on our local online FB yard sale page.  Mike had spent so much time and hard work putting these decorations together that I hated the thought of them ending up in the recycle bin just a few hours after the party.  I had a lady contact me right away asking for them since her son was having a Minecraft party in August.  It made me feel so great to give her these decorations to be reused! 

The cutest birthday boy ever!  
Presents Time!

Opening Presents!  I love how Savannah is sitting right next to him.

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