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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Our Weekend Recap

I'm trying to keep up with these weekend recaps but lately it seems like I'm failing miserably.  We had a fantastic weekend that was slammed full of fun activities!  We started Friday night off with Bradley having a friend over, homemade pizza and the new Disney movie, Moana.  None of us liked Moana and the boys didn't even finish watching it.

We had a pretty relaxing Saturday morning with chocolate chip pancakes and bacon.  Bradley and I had an afternoon date and went to go see The Wizard of Oz at a local community theater.  We had two friends in the play and it was so much fun to see their talent at work.  I love these one on one dates with Bradley!

Sunday was my favorite day and I look forward to this day every year.  Every 4th Sunday in March is Maple Sunday in Maine.  The local sugar shacks are open to visitors and you can see how maple syrup is made and taste/buy all their goodies.  This year we went to 4 different sugar shacks with each one offering something different.  Hilltop Boilers has always been one of our must stops because no one can beat their maple whoopie pies!  Hidden Roots Maple Farm was my favorite due to the friendliness of the owners.  This was their first year in business and they were very informative with the process.  We had our first sampling of maple milk and they had some delicious maple peanuts also.  Dunn Family Maple was our 3rd stop and Bradley enjoyed sampling spoonfuls of light and dark maple syrup.  Our last stop was at Coopers Maple Products and the best part about this place was their maple cotton candy.  It was ridiculously addicting.  Another great year of touring sugar shacks and ending our day with headaches and stomach aches from all the sugar consumed!

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