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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Savannah Turns One Year Old!

And just like that, my baby girl turns one year old!  Savannah darling, this has been the fastest year and the slowest year all in one.  You have given me anxiety attacks, turned our world upside down (not necessarily in a good way), and tested our patience in ways beyond words can describe.  And yet you have taught me how to love deeper, focus on the positive moments, and find more compassion within myself.  I'm learning to appreciate the stubborn streak you have because it means you won't give up easy.  Your high maintenance personality means that you know what you want and you will fight hard to get it which will  help you succeed later in life.  Your grumpiness makes me appreciate your smiles so much more.  My dear Savannah, this first year has been such an adventure that I can only imagine what the next year will bring.  I love you with all my heart, dear daughter of mine!

Crying photos are pretty much your specialty.

You love this shirt from Auntie Shannon.

Such disappointment when I told you there were no more presents.

You're a little chef in training and love to be in the kitchen with me.

You were very proud of yourself for figuring out how to open these containers.

Obviously you're not a fan of the snow.

You love your noodles and can eat them like a pro!

You're not fond of sledding either.

Your pigtails just add to the cuteness of your expression.

 Italian food and messes are some of your happiest moments in life.

The ever so "I'm innocent" look.

Sink baths are the best!

I pretty much cried too when I saw this mess.

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