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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Latest and Greatest in Bradley's World

So much growing up is happening with you Bradley!  The biggest milestones would be losing your first tooth and having an official crush on one of the little girls in your class.  It's sweet to see young love but I'll have to admit there is a little jealousy when I hear you talking about another girl in your life.  I want you to love me the most even though I know that will not always be.  You are doing so well in kindergarten.  It's amazing to watch you spell words, sound them out, and read them.  Daddy and I have to be careful about spelling out our secrets now because there have been several times you've knew the words we were spelling!  You get so excited about eating hot lunches at school.  I love watching your eyes sparkle when you tell me about the things you are learning in school.  Your favorite classes are still recess, lunch, and snack.  Your appetite is getting bigger.  The other day we went to Red Robin for lunch and you ate the corn dog meal off the kids menu, 1/4 of Daddy's burger, and 1/4 of my chicken salad.  And you were hungry an hour later!  Bradley you are such a joy to watch grow up.  You have a heart of gold and I see so much of my Mother in your sparkling eyes.  You are my little sunshine and life is more beautiful because of you!

 This pile of wood was your fort for several weeks. 

 You wanted to take a nap at the top of the mountain we hiked.

You love climbing trees!

You and your puddles!

 You asked to walk to school so we could look at the colors of the trees.

 It's hard to believe my beautiful baby boy is 5 years old.

Your first school project!

You make one cute turkey!

Your first official school picture!

You loved Halloween this year!

Our neighbor gave you a full size Hershey's Chocolate bar which made you so happy!

You can make this mess in about 5 minutes.

But you are also the best in helping me clean and vacuum!

You wanted this pair of shoes so bad.  My heart broke because we didn't need to buy them at that time.  But I know for a fact that Santa has them ready for you on Christmas Day!

Your first missing tooth!

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