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Friday, November 18, 2016

Gaia Herbs Daily WellBeing for Women Product Review

 Gaia Herbs has been a leader in the herbal industry since 1987.  They offer hundreds of products for a wide variety of health support options.  With respect for both the plants and the people who use them, they are driven by the concepts of purity, integrity, and potency.  You can be sure that all Gaia Herbs dietary supplements are 100% Vegan, Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, and are purity tested.

Daily WellBeing for Women provides a convenient, once-daily blend of pure herbal extracts and plant-sourced Magnesium, Calcium, and Vitamin D3 to help you maintain whole-self wellness.  There are four unique herbal combinations in this supplement to help with Inflammatory Response, Immune Health, Stress Management, and Women's Health.

I've been looking for a great daily supplement to take and I was so happy to be chosen for this sampling promotion.  I take two capsules every morning.  The soft capsules are easy to swallow, however, there is a slight herbal taste to them.  If this should bother you, simply drink it with something other than water and you won't taste the supplement.  After a week of using Daily WellBeing for Women, I noticed an increase of energy and a positive difference with my night anxiety.  I felt more in control of my anxiety and an overall better disposition due to not being exhausted and feeling zapped of energy.

Gaia Herbs delivers unprecedented traceability, testing every product for safety and efficacy-and sharing the results online.  You can see for yourself and learn more about each herb by entering your unique ID # that is on the box.  You can check out mine by clicking here

To learn more about Gaia Herbs or to order your own Daily WellBeing for Women, click here.  Subscribe to their newsletter and you will receive 10% off your first order!

*Disclosure - I received a free product from the Moms Meet program in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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