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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Savannah is 10 Months!

Wowsers!  Savannah dear, you are 10 months old today.  While it almost seems impossible that it's already been 10 months, there are times that I feel like you are 10 months old going on 10 years old.  Your maturity already is incredible.  There are moments we are talking as a family, and you have to put in your two cents worth.  And I truly believe you understand what we are saying and are trying so hard to communicate back to us.  You know how to flirt with men which will definitely be a problem as you get older.  Your ability to find the tiniest specks on the floor make me think a detective work could be in your future.  And your teeth...they don't want give you a break.  You are working on number nine and ten right now and they are so close to popping out.  

Waiting at the bus stop for Bradley is one of your favorite things to do.  It's getting colder in the mornings but the cold doesn't even phase you.  You are definitely a Mainer!

You know how to put away some food!  Some of your favorites are mac & cheese, black olives, refried beans, tomatoes, and chicken.  You had your first chocolate chip cookie this month and I think that's the happiest you've ever been.  And eggs!  It took you 4 months to finally like eggs.  We have them just about every morning and I guess you decided you might as well learn to like them since they aren't going away.

Your facial expressions are unlike any other.  You make me laugh with how expressive your looks are.  There are so many times I say, "If looks could kill, I'd be dead right now."  One lady stopped me at the grocery store the other day and was telling me how cute you were.  Then she stopped and said "I can tell by her eyes though that she's very mischievous."  And she is absolutely correct.  You are one smart cookie and know exactly what you are doing.

Some of our happiest moments are when we are outdoors together.  Whether it's going for a hike in the woods, raking leaves in the backyard, or taking a walk in the stroller, you love the outdoors.  Getting dirty doesn't bother you in the least and you've had quite the diet of sticks, leaves, and dirt.  

Savannah Ashley, you my dear are everything to me.  Our bond is getting stronger every day.  The high maintenance child is still there and yet I'm learning to love that part about you the most.  It's what makes you Savannah.  I'm going to soak up these last two months of you being a baby.  Toddlerhood is going to come all too quickly.

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