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Monday, October 24, 2016

Our Weekend Recap

Sleepless nights, sick kids, and change of plans was pretty much our weekend.  But that's life sometimes....you deal with it and move on.

We started off on a good note on Friday night with homemade pizza and watching the movie, Babe.  It was Bradley's first time watching it and he loved it. Bradley got "Boo'ed" on Friday night which was really exciting for him.  It's basically this fun game where you leave a goodie bag on a friend's porch.  They get to keep the goodies but have to make two more bags and secretly leave on someone else's porch.

 Homemade pizza and a movie on Friday night!

Brad loved getting "Boo'ed" on Friday night.

We had a birthday party on Saturday morning and then we ran some errands including picking up goodies for Brad's 'Boo" Bags to give away.  We ate lunch at Chipotle (another BOGO coupon) and then dropped off the "Boo" bags at two houses.  It was rainy and very cold so headed home and just hung out at the house for the rest of the day.  Bradley started going downhill from there and ended up waking up at midnight on Saturday night complaining of ear pain.  His pain tolerance is pretty high so for him to be crying I knew he had to be in pain. We put some olive oil in his ear, gave him some Motrin, and put the heating pad on his ear and he finally fell back into a very restless sleep.  It was a pretty long night.  There's nothing worse than to see your child in pain and not being able to take the pain away from them.

Savannah loves it when Bradley gets into her crib in the morning.

She loved this ride on toy at the birthday party.

 We love Chipotle especially for their BOGO coupons!

Bradley loved sneaking up to his friends house and delivering goodie bags.

Mike and I survived Sunday with lots of coffee.  Bradley still had ear pain and a low grade fever so I attempted to make him rest all day.  Savannah began her 3rd cold.  It's to be expected with her crawling everywhere and her hands touching all sorts of germs.  Despite the kids being sick and our plans being changed up, it was nice to just stay home and relax.  I caught up on a lot of book reading, coupon sorting and filing, listing items on Ebay, and planning my menu for this week.  Mike took off for a couple hours to get a haircut and his flu shot.  Kids were in bed by 7:15 pm and Mike and I had some time together before we had to say goodbye to the weekend.

Mama said there'd be days like this and boy was she right!

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