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Monday, October 17, 2016

Our Weekend Recap

Gosh, why do these weekends keep going by so fast?  We have some friends that are moving up North in a couple of weeks so a bunch of us got together for supper on Friday night.  All of our kids get along so well and we are going to miss seeing them on a weekly basis.

We had ZERO plans on Saturday morning since there is a two week break from our marriage oneness class.  It was extra nice to sleep in (does sleeping in until 7 am count?) and have a relaxing morning with no place to be.  After lunch we went outside and raked some leaves and mowed one last time this year.  We went to church on Saturday night and had another great message on Bless This Home.  I love the current series we are working thru.

 These 3 can rock the bedheads!

 A relaxing morning included lots of Lego time.

 Watching their parents clean up the yard.

 This is our 3rd time raking the back yard.  The leaves are relentless here.  

 Best part about raking are the leaf piles!

 BBQ chicken pizza on the grill for lunch!

This kid loves his tire swing.

Another relaxing morning on Sunday.  Mike went for a 5 mile run which I'm so proud of him for.  He's been getting up at 5 am every morning and exercising and his distance keeps increasing.   Five miles is very impressive!  We went to Chipotle for lunch, then to Kettle Cove for some ocean therapy, and finished our afternoon at Sam's Club to pick up a few items.  Apparently I didn't get enough ocean therapy because I was a grouch on Sunday night.  Sunday night blues I suppose so I went for a walk and found such a peaceful pond just a short walk from our house.  The kids are both coming down with colds so they were in bed by 7 pm and Mike and I finished our night with reading some new books we picked up at our library book sale.  One side note about our local library book sale.  It's amazing!  They have it twice a year and it's a pay what you want book sale.  How incredible is that?!  And they have a TON of books.  I went on Friday and Mike went on Saturday morning.  We have a nice size book pile to keep us busy this Winter.

Thanks to a BOGO coupon our family of 4 ate for under $14. 

These kids have no idea how blessed they are to have the ocean as their playground. 

 Hunting for sea glass is so relaxing and rewarding for me!

 We came across this jellyfish.  Mike helped it back into the water and underneath it was a beautiful piece of green sea glass.

 Bradley loves walking on the rocks with his Daddy!

This Maine girl makes my heart happy!

I could look for sea glass all day long.

 Shopping at Sam's Club

Such a peaceful & calm pond within walking distance from my house.

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