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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Our Weekend Recap

Bradley was out of school both Friday and Monday so we had a nice long 4 day weekend.  On Friday morning I took the kids to the library.  Bradley hasn't been to the library in at least 4 months so he was super excited to pick out books and play with all their cool toys.  We brought 22 books home and read 18 of them while Savannah took her morning nap.  Then we went outside to rake leaves and stack wood.  It was a gorgeous Fall day and the kids were so happy being outside, jumping in the leaves, and just being kids.  

On Saturday morning we had our Marriage Oneness class which focused on MONEY.  This can always be an interesting discussion.  After our class, we headed to the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire.  It's a gorgeous drive and the Fall colors were so vibrant and beautiful.  We stopped at Pub 32 in Lincoln for lunch.  They have the absolutely best pizza!  We did a little bit of hiking but never finished any of the trails.  Most of the ones we stopped at were over 3 miles long one way which was a little too much since it was getting late.  Spending the night on a mountain is not the sort of excitement I strive for.  

On Sunday I worked in the nursery for both services while Mike went to the early service.  Can I just say that our church serves the best pumpkin spice coffee??!!  I pretty much dream about that coffee and my mouth waters just thinking about it.  It rained all day on Sunday so we relaxed for awhile in the afternoon and then headed to the grocery store.  The kids went to bed at 7 pm and Mike and I finished our night with watching a movie.  It was SO NICE to have that time to ourselves!

Monday was probably my favorite day.  Mike took the day off from work so we started our day with taking a factory tour at Haven's Candies.  They offer a free tour once a year on Columbus Day which we are going to make our new tradition.  It was a fabulous tour and they were SO generous with samples!  We each brought home so much chocolate and caramel popcorn!  After the tour, we headed to Bradbury Mountain State Park where we hiked and ate a picnic lunch once we got to the peak.  Savannah did awesome in her backpack carrier.  This is the first time she's hasn't cried while being in it so it was a successful hike!  As we headed home we stopped at Wolf's Neck Farm where the farm is always open to visitors.  They are one of the farms that supplies milk for Stonyfield.  It was so much fun seeing the sheep, cows, rabbit, and my favorite...the baby calves.  They were so sweet that we all wanted to take one home.  We picked up Chinese takeout dinner, gave the kids a bath, and called it a fantastic day!



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