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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Latest and Greatest in Bradley's World

Bradley, I wish I could express in words how much I love you.  I'm not a very emotional person but when I think about how much you mean to me, my heart literally hurts with love for you.  We have this fun game we play together where we tell each other what we love each other more than.  I always say I love you more than coffee, chocolate, and the ocean because those are three pretty important things in my life.  You love to say you love me more more than chocolate chip pancakes, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate milk because chocolate has pretty high ranking in your world.  Kindergarten has been awesome for you.  You're like a little sponge, just soaking up everything as much and as fast as you can.  I'm so proud of how hard you are working on your letters and you stay so positive about learning.  I hope you never lose that excitement for learning.  My favorite time of day is when I see you get off the bus and run to me.  You can't wait to tell me all about your day and you always remember to ask me how my day was which is super sweet.  Your heart is so very tender and you care about others.  I see so much of my Mom in you and I know if she was here on earth, the bond between you two would be incredible.  You see the good in people even including Siri when she gets me lost.  You told me that Siri must be having a bad day and not to get mad at her when we ended up at the wrong place.  You love to make people laugh and come up with the craziest knock knock jokes.  Bradley, it's hard to believe you are just 5 years old.  You show more patience, forgiveness, love, and kindness than most adults and remind us all to take the time to enjoy the little moments.  Hugs and kisses from you make us smile every day and you my dear, sweet boy know how to give us the best of the best!

 Family time outside working is one your favorite things to do.

 You might just turn into a chocolate chip pancake with the amount you consume.

 I love that you still love books!  
And you are going to be reading these all by yourself very soon.

This is one of my favorite times of the day!
 You're starting to really like playing soccer.

 You can't wait for the bus to pick you up every morning!

 Even in the rain, you don't mind walking to the bus stop.

This picture perfectly captures your love for the ocean.

 Soccer and leaves just go together.

 You're such an adventurous boy!

 Slides still make you happy!

 You're always making Lego creations.

 I'm so impressed with your creativity.

You love animals and right now you tell people you want 
to be a zookeeper when you grow up.

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