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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Savannah is 9 months old!

Somehow with the chaos of life I forgot to celebrate your 8th month.  We were on vacation when you turned 8 months and the craziness began after we got back home.  But I did manage to snap a picture with your special sticker at 8 months.

So today my dear, you are 9 months old and we will celebrate a little extra for you tonight.  Nine months and you haven't mastered crawling yet.  But I'm completely ok with that.  I'm enjoying not having to chase you down for the moment.  You still like your independence which means sitting on the floor and not in an exersaucer or bouncy seat.  If you are in your highchair, I better have food ready for you or you throw a tantrum like none other.  And if you sit in the stroller, it better be moving at all times.  No stalling is permitted in that thing.

  You are experiencing extreme separation anxiety right now which means I have to be in view at all times.  You require my constant attention and if I just happen to attempt to leave you for a minute, there is heck to pay.  


Eating is one of your favorite things to do right now.  But you don't like leftovers and I'm not allowed to give you the same food twice in one day.  You prefer variety of foods and it must be something you can pick up with your own hands.  Spoons and forks are just not an option for you to use.  Mealtimes are also like art time in your world.  The bigger the mess the happier you are.  Times like this I wish we owned a dog that would just lick the floor clean for me.  

Being outside still makes you so happy.  You love going for walks and looking at the trees and watching the birds and squirrels.  You like small dogs and cats and always trying to bite their tails. Speaking of biting, you are the biting queen.  You are always looking to chomp down on something or someone.  You can make a grown man holler when you bite down.  You have 7 teeth right now...SEVEN!  I'm pretty sure a visit to the dentist would be appropriate with that mouthful of chompers.  

Savannah darling, there is no one in the whole world like you.  And I say that with all the love in the world.  I truly do.  You are my independent, stubborn, relentless, close minded little girl but yet you have a small, very small side of sweetness that just makes my heart melt.  I love you, Savannah Ashley.  You are my world!

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