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Monday, September 12, 2016

Our Weekend Recap

I barely took any pictures this weekend.  I'm not sure if it was because we were so busy or I was just checked out of snapping pictures.  We invited friends over for homemade pizza and s'mores on Friday night and had a nice relaxing evening catching up.  On Saturday morning we headed downtown Portland to buy some birthday and grandparents day presents.  We hit a local deli for lunch and then a couple more errands on the way home.  The kids and I took a nap on Saturday afternoon while Mike worked outside clearing out some more brush.  We went to church on Saturday night and then we stopped for ice cream at Beals on the way home.  We got up early on Sunday morning and headed to Ikea in MA.  We had a birthday party to go to in CT later that day and decided to go a different route and run into Ikea to grab some items.  There is no "run and grab" possible at Ikea.  The store is huge and complete brain overstimulating with all the stuff they have!  We managed to get in and out in under 2 hours which included inhaling some lunch.  Next stop was CT for Mike's grandpa birthday party who turned 85 years old on Friday.  Aunt Sandy hosted a surprise party for him with a perfect venue and an abundance of yummy food!  A little over 7 hours of driving on Sunday and we were all very happy to be home and in bed by 9 pm.

Our friend Christine brought us our favorite donuts from The Holy Donut on Friday night. They made our Saturday breakfast super easy and yummy!

We saw the Norwegian Dawn cruise ship at port when we were downtown.  This was the exact same cruise ship Mike and I were on four years ago!  I think Mike and I were both ready to jump on the boat and head out on another cruise.

Cuddle time with Daddy while waiting for our sandwiches to be made.

 No one makes ice cream like Beals!

 My favorite bridge headed into Boston.

 Her facial expression perfectly describes how we were all feeling on Sunday morning!

 Ready to be home after a super long day.

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