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Friday, September 30, 2016

Bradley and Savannah

Their personalities are like night and day and yet they are the best of friends and love each other so much.  They have a strong sibling love for each other that I hope will always remain the same.

Legos are probably their favorite thing they play with together.  Bradley loves building creations and Savannah loves tearing them down.  Bradley shows a lot of patience despite the many times he has to rebuild something.


They both love the outdoors so much.  Both of them are perfectly content with a stick and a pile of dirt.  Bradley will dig holes in the dirt with the stick and Savannah will eat the stick and dirt.  I think some of their happiest moments are when they are outside.


Savannah knows how to irritate Bradley like none other.  She may or may not have picked that habit up from me.  Bradley has such a great sense of humor and handles it well.  Savannah will get this mischievous look in her eyes and we know she's about to do something that will make you holler.  

Savannah can be high maintenance which means a lot of crying happens when things don't go her way.  Bradley, you show more patience than I do most days.

Nothing makes me smile more than when I see Bradley wanting to help take care of Savannah.  Whether it's pushing her stroller, feeding her a bottle, brushing her teeth, or just giving her a hug, he is a fantastic big brother!

And moments like this just make my heart melt while being overwhelmed 
with love for both of you!

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