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Monday, August 1, 2016

Our Weekend Recap

And just like that, July is over.  Our last weekend in July was full of family time, binge watching the last season of Downton Abbey, Farmer's Market, visiting friends, church, checking out some new places, and the ocean of course.

 We love walking to our local Farmer's Market every Saturday morning!

Our first time eating at Slyders at Old Orchard Beach. 
We used a Groupon I had bought several months ago.

 The food was your typical beach concession food, cheeseburgers and fries.  
Tasted great but then we all felt like junk afterwards.

 Bradley and I rode the Electra Wheel at Palace Playground in Old Orchard Beach.

 Bradley was actually really nervous about this ride 
but he was so brave and conquered his fear!

 We had to have an all veggie meal on Saturday night after our lunch at Slyders.

 A game of cards ended our Saturday night!

 Family nap on Sunday afternoon.

 Train track fun!

 Family walk at Higgins Beach on Sunday night

 Love the bond these two have!

 Bradley was born to be a Mainer.

 It was a beautiful night!

 This girl even loves the cold ocean water.

 Bradley loves climbing the rocks at the beach.

 I taught Bradley how to peel potatoes on Sunday night for supper
 and he was quite the little peeler!

We ate the best mashed potatoes thanks to this little chef!

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