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Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Latest and Greatest in Bradley's World

Bradley dear, life would be so boring without you.  When we chose "You Are My Sunshine" as our song for you, we had no idea how perfectly that song would represent who you are.  I could cry just thinking about how fast you are growing up and how so many times I want time to slow down but then I can't wait to see who you are going to be when you grow up.  You are going to do amazing things!  You completed swimming lessons and mini mitts this summer.  You went to one week of Farm Camp and you were such a cute little farmer.  The beach is still your favorite place to go and I love watching you pick up hermit crabs and play in the freezing cold 60 degree ocean water.  You were born to be a Mainer and have such an adventurous spirit.  I hope you never lose that spirit and always stay our little sunshine.

You love building Lego creations!

And Tinker Toys are your next favorite thing.

You went fishing for the first time and loved it.
You are always asking me when's the next time we can go fishing.

My little Mainer!

You love riding on your 4 wheeler and are starting to become a little daredevil on it.

You have no idea how happy this dirty face makes me.
I love seeing you use your imagination outside!

You were so excited to use some of your birthday money on a swimming pool!

You make your Uncle TJ proud with your interest in fixing your "vehicle".

Naps are pretty rare now but when I catch you falling asleep like this, I can't help
 but stare at you and wonder when my little baby grew up.

Swimming lessons have made you a little fish despite the cold water!

There are mornings you are so excited to go out and play that you will just grab the first pair of shoes you find.
In this case, it was your winter snow boots!

I'm pretty sure not even the Cookie Monster loves cookies as much as you do.

I love watching you write your letters in the sand!

You got upgraded to a taller bike and riding barefoot is your new thing.
I remember doing the exact same thing when I was a kid!

The cutest Mini Mitts player in Gorham!

You went to your first splash pad this summer and loved it!

Sitting down and eating is pretty much not an option for you anymore.
You are always on the go!

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