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Friday, July 15, 2016

Savannah is 7 Months Old!

Savannah, you are 7 months old today!  So much has happened in the last month.  You are now a foodie.  You love food and you pretty much went straight for the real stuff.  Some of your favorite foods are sweet potatoes, strawberries, mangoes, and donuts of course. 

You had your first fever which ended up being a horrible UTI for you.  We had to take you to the emergency room and you were such a trooper as they checked you out.  You wanted to be held for two days and we actually soaked it up since we've waited almost 7 months for cuddle time to happen with you.  

Nobody has as many facial expressions as you do and some of them can be pretty fierce while others can be mischievous, the famous blank stare or the "I'm tolerating you" look.

Some of your favorite things are to be outside, sitting on the floor with your piano, the swings at the park, or playing in Bradley's room with his toys.

You still show us your high maintenance personality even when it came down to your $350 car seat.  Apparently it still didn't provide enough cushion for your princess tush.

  Savannah dear, I've never had a baby like you.  You play with my emotions like a puppet on a string.  We have our good days and bad days together.  But there is nothing that makes me happier or my heart melt faster than when I see your beautiful sweet face light up with a great big smile showing off those little white chompers!

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