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Monday, July 18, 2016

Our Weekend Recap

Um, what happened to July? We only have two weekend left this month!!  The summer is supposed to slow down and it's doing the complete opposite.  We started off our weekend with a Friday night at home.  It was wicked hot so the little kiddie pool was perfect for our Friday family night.  Mike and Bradley stayed up to play some XBox games while Savannah and I went to bed early.

On Saturday we headed to Porter's Preserve near Boothbay Harbor. Mommyhood kicked my butt last week and I needed a good hike.  It would have just been about a 90 minute drive there but we ended up getting lost so it took us almost two hours.  The drive was worth it.  We saw gorgeous scenery, found two geocaches, and I worked off some steam so it was a success!  We drove around Sawyer's Island for awhile and came across Gregory Hiking Trail which was a super easy hike with more pretty scenery.  We didn't find the geocache there and Savannah was done with the carrier at that point so we decided to give up looking for it. We came home and ended our night with board games and ice cream sundaes.

We were all moving slow on Sunday morning so we went to the second service at church.  Our afternoon was full of checking off our to do list.  Haircut for Mike, outdoor fire pit was completed, most of the laundry is finished, Mike finished fixing a free antique table I found on the road and we hung up some pictures.  We've been in this house for almost two years and we are still decorating the walls.  Savannah was in bed by 7 :15 pm,  Bradley and Mike played some more XBox and I completed a bunch of online reviews that were piling up in my inbox.  Another great weekend and no one had the Sunday night blues.  I'm pretty sure it's because we are so excited about our friends from SC coming to visit this week!!  

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