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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Our Weekend Recap

Well this past weekend didn't go exactly like we planned but it was a weekend that reminded me of how important family is.  Savannah came down with her first UTI and we were at the pediatrician and hospital for most of Friday afternoon and evening.  She was still feeling pretty rough on Saturday so we just hung out at the house and took it easy.  Her fever broke on Sunday morning so we decided to make our overnight trip to CT into just a day trip.  I'm so thankful we chose to make the day trip to CT and spend time with Mike's relatives.  His grandpa had a massive heart attack on Monday morning and it was a somber reminder of how we need to make as many memories as possible with our loved ones while we can.  Please keep Grandpa Genovese in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers in the hospital the next several days.  We chose to stay home again on Monday and have family time and relax in the backyard.  I love Maine summers where you can actually enjoy the outdoors without melting.  We even took a quick bike ride into town to pick up some  items, a quick stop at the park, and we finished most of the picnic table!  Even though the weekend wasn't like we had originally planned, it was nice to have extra family time, sweet snuggles with Savannah, and to see relatives. 

Snuggles with Daddy in the hospital.

Trying to get her to drink as much as possible. 

More snuggles on Saturday morning.

We have produce...our first tomato!

And our first green pepper!

I made grilled BBQ pork chops and two new recipes on Saturday.
Roasted sweet potatoes with honey and coconut oil and broccoli quinoa cups.  

And even more snuggling!

By Saturday night we finally managed a slight smile from Savannah.

Pool time with Papa on Sunday.

Even Savannah got in for a few minutes.

Snuggles with Great Grandpa Genovese

Papa and Savannah having a stare down.

Four generations!

A quick stop to see Chuck, Tina and the kids at UConn Dairy Bar.

Snuggles with Auntie Tina and cousin Reese.

Headed home.  The last hour we sang the same song over and over to Savannah for at least 30 minutes. 
Family Bike Ride

Park time where Bradley almost fell off the swings.


A couple more coats of stain on the benches and our project is finished!  It's so beautiful and I'm already imagining a lot of family dinners at this table.

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