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Friday, July 29, 2016

Bradley & Savannah

I just can't capture in pictures the amount of sibling love between Bradley and Savannah.  You just have to see it in person.  These two are best of friends.  No one can make Savannah laugh like Bradley can.  Only Savannah can irritate Bradley without him getting upset.  I can't wait to see these two grow up together and watch their bond grow deeper.

  They love their morning snuggle time on the couch.

 Bradley loves Savannah hanging out in his room even if he has to feed her a bottle.

 The beach makes both of them so happy!

 I love it when Bradley asks to hold Savannah!

 One of my favorite pictures of them.

 Beach bums forever.

 Sometimes when Savannah wakes up before Bradley, we'll put her in his 
bed so she's the first at wishing him a good morning!

 Bradley insisted on getting his shots first so Savannah could see how 
brave he was and she wouldn't be scared.

 No one can make Savannah light up like Bradley can!

 Bradley was all excited to show Savannah his new favorite toy, Grimlock.

 I love watching Savannah's face when Bradley is explaining characters to her.

 Bradley wanted to build a wall around Savannah with the big Legos.

 Savannah is not happy when Bradley doesn't pay attention to her.

 You both love playing with Legos together.

Savannah isn't quite impressed with the slide yet.

 These moments go by too quickly.

Picnic lunch together!

 Your first grocery cart ride together!

And now you guys insist on riding in the grocery cart together all the time!

 Bradley loves when Savannah watches him paint.

 Savannah acts like Bradley is her chewing toy some days.

 You both love to be outside on your swingset.

I can't wait to start hearing Bradley read books to Savannah!

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