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Friday, June 17, 2016

Savannah's 6th Month!

 Savannah you are now half way through your first year!  Six months old and you are becoming little Miss Independence.  You are sitting all by yourself and hate to be confined in any piece of baby equipment.  Scooting backwards while on your belly is one of your favorite things to do.  It will only be a short time before I'll have to go find the "baby jail" from the basement.  You love being outside and swinging makes you laugh so much.  You had your first pool experience and love water.  You are definitely a Mainer because cold water doesn't bother you.  We absolutely adore this new personality you are developing which is so much sweeter and less dramatic.  I'm pretty sure you are starting to like us now.  It only took you six months...

We finally found a blanket that you like to be swaddled in.  I should have known that it HAD to be organic cotton for you to like it!

 You are very proud of your scooting skills!

 That sweet face I could just kiss forever.

Totally rocking the bikini.  Might as well let it all hang out because it's the one age where extra fat looks adorable.

 Even the back fat rolls are cute!

 Your smile changes my world!

  I'm pretty sure you will get whatever you want in life as long as you look at us with those gorgeous sparkly blue eyes!

You've discovered how wonderful toes taste!

Beach bum forever

You get just a little excited about these teething cookies.

Life is only getting more fun with you in our life.  Every day you are showing us more and more of who Savannah is.  I pray that you remain strong spirited, determined, and continue to develop your sense of humor.  You will need it living in our family.  I love you so much dear daughter of mine!  Happy 6 months of life!

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