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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Our Weekend Recap

Bradley is at morning VBS each day this week so I was thinking I might catch up on a lot of blogging while Savannah took her morning nap.  She obviously has other plans for me t his week!  Oh well...a day late but here's our weekend recap.

On Saturday morning we weren't in any rush so we enjoyed the gorgeous morning and walked to the Farmer's Market.  I have four vendors that I buy from and I'll blog about them soon!  After the Farmer's Market we headed to Lowes to pick up some flowers and mulch.  We volunteered to help with a flower bed at church which needed a little sprucing up.  That took up most of our afternoon.  We had about an hour before we had to get ready to go back to church for the evening service.

I love living so close to town!
Our awesome Farmer's Market downtown Gorham.
Bradley loves being a helper!
His job was harder than ours.  He had to take care of Savannah while we worked in the flower bed.  And she was a hot mess that morning!
I absolutely LOVED Sunday!  It was by far the most favorite day we've had in awhile!  First of all, I love celebrating and when I get to celebrate my awesome husband, it makes it even better!  Mike is an incredible Dad to Bradley and Savannah.  He has so much patience and works hard with his relationship with both of them.  He's the best of the best!  After a yummy breakfast of sausage, egg & cheese muffin (all from the Farmer's Market) we headed to Pine Point Beach.  We stayed there for almost 5 hours.  Our original plan was to get seafood for Mike but Savannah didn't like that plan so we picked up some BBQ chicken pizza and headed home.  The kids took a short nap and then we headed out again for some ice cream.  The kids were back in bed by 7 pm and Mike finished some of a project he's been working on for me.  Another perfect weekend full of sweet memories!

My favorite three people in the world!
This baby girl loves the sand....and eating it!
She would get so angry at us when we tried getting the sand out of her mouth.
There was a small white rock next to Bradley and these seagulls kept thinking it was bread.
What's under the bucket?
This guy is such a ham!
Beach naps are the best!
This is how I do the beach...a good book and yummy granola!
Mike and Bradley loved hanging out in the huge hole they dug.
And another nap for Savannah!
Beach bummin is the best!
Grape Nuts ice cream for Mike and chocolate with sprinkles for Bradley.
I've wanted a picnic table for so long and found one off Pinterest that I really liked.  My awesome husband built it for me.  Now to build the benches and then it will all be ready for a nice coat of stain.

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  1. Wow....fun filled and packed weekend for sure! Love the pics! The bucket hiding Brad's head was a favorite. The picnic table is really awesome! Thanks for the weekend recap.