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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Our Weekend Recap

I can't believe the weekend is already over and we are experiencing the Sunday night blues.  

  On Friday night we had new friends over for dinner and it was such a sweet time of fellowship.  We ended the night being so encouraged and excited about a new friendship building.  

There were so many different events going on around town on Saturday that it was hard to choose what to do.  We made our usual trip to The Farmer's Market and then hit a couple yard sales before heading to the Kids Karnival at LifeChurch.  The church did a phenomenal job with the Karnival and Bradley had a blast.  I was worried about him bringing home too much candy but I guess I should have been more worried about the fish bowl game because he ended up bringing home THREE goldfish from that game.  I seriously didn't think they would survive over night but they did.  So now I'll be looking on Craig's List for a fish tank so they can have something more than my Southern Living large vase to swim around in.  We headed to Westbrook later on Saturday afternoon to watch one of our friends daughter dance.  It was a cute performance and she did a great job! 

The pony rides were a lot of fun for him.
Ready to win a goldfish
He's very excited about finally having a real pet!
Watching our friend at her dance program!
Savannah was completely wiped out after a long day while Mike found some movie hilarious.
On Sunday morning we went to the early service at church.  Afternoon naps for me and Savannah and then we did some organizing and cleaning before chilling out with movies this evening.  And just like that, another weekend is in the books!

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