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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Kangeaux Walkabout Review & Giveaway

Meet the Kangeaux Walkabout:  an entirely new carrier concept that's giving new meaning to the phrase "Carry On".  Kangeaux Walkabout is great for keeping your essentials within easy reach.  Visit their website to watch a great video on all the different uses for these walkabout carriers!

I found two ways that I loved using the Kangeaux Walkabout.  Our umbrella stroller doesn't have a cup holder.  This product was perfect for carrying my drink with me on my walk.  It easily attached to the stroller and the grip around my bottle was so tight I wasn't worried about it falling off.  The other way I found it useful was strapped to my purse.  I'm always thirsty so I'm always bringing some sort of drink with me wherever I go.  I can easily attach the Kangeaux Walkabout to my purse strap and my drink is within easy reach wherever I go.   I also love that my phone can easily be secured in the carrier and it can attach to my purse or belt clip.  It was very secure and I didn't worry about it falling out.

The only place I couldn't use this product was on my husband's bike.  He doesn't have a drink holder on his bike and I thought this would be perfect for it.  Unfortunately the clip is a little too small for the bike but the clip will fit on my husband's belt buckle loops on his shorts so he can still have a drink with him when he rides.

Would you like to try a Kangeaux Walkabout out for yourself?  Leave a comment on your favorite outdoor activity where you might find this product handy to use and you will be entered into the giveaway.  One winner will be chosen on July 5th.  Giveaway ends at midnight on July 4th.

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