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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The More of Less by Joshua Becker Book Review

It's so ironic that I read this book today.  The last 48 hours I have been completely overwhelmed by the "stuff" we have in our house.  And when I say "stuff" I really mean Bradley's toys.  The kid doesn't have that many toys (I've been to his friends house and they have 3 times as many toys as he has) but he still has a ridiculous amount of toys.  When every single room minus the bathroom can become cluttered with toys in a matter of an hour, we have a problem.  And I can't blame him.  He's not the one buying the toys.  I'm enabling this chaotic mess by my purchasing stuff for him.

The More of Less is a book written by Joshua Becker and he helps us find the life we want under everything we own.  Most of us own too much stuff.  We feel the burden of our clutter.  We are tired of cleaning, managing, and organizing.  All this STUFF distracts us from the very life we wish we were living.

This is a picture of our family room just this morning. This chaos created by ONE 4 year old boy.  Now picture a mess like this in every single room in this house.  Can you see why I might be a little overwhelmed?

I put Savannah down for a nap this afternoon and told Bradley we would go outside and I would read this book while he played.  This kid played in the dirt for almost 2 hours and didn't need a single toy.  Simplicity is a beautiful thing.  I brought several toys out of him to play with but he ended up just wanting to play with sticks.  He was even finding sticks in different shapes and telling me what letter they looked like.

Some of my favorite parts in this book were where Joshua writes "People who give away possessions hold their remaining possessions in higher esteem.  People who give their time make better use of their remaining time.  And people who donate money are less wasteful with the money left over.  Generous people have less desire for more.  They find fulfillment, meaning, and value outside of the acquisition of possessions."

"We need to recognize what's inside us that's driving our purchasing decisions, because only then can we rob materialism of its power to distract us from what could bring us real happiness and meaning.  Instead of seeking security in buying lots of stuff, seek it in loving relationships with other people.  Instead of trying to earn acceptance from others by owning the same stuff they have, rewrite your definition of what success looks like to you.  Instead of chasing contentment by always adding to your stuff, let contentment come to you by appreciating what you have and giving away what you don't need."

This is a must read book for anyone that is tired of reorganizing their stuff, overwhelmed with their finances due to buying things they don't need, or just wanting to minimize their stuff overall.  Joshua is an excellent writer and this book is a very easy to read which will only take a couple of hours.  To find out more about this book and the author, click here.

*Disclosure - I received this book free from Blogging for Books in exchange for a review.  All opinions expressed here are my own.

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