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Monday, May 16, 2016

Our Weekend Recap

We had one of the best weekends ever!  There were so many events going on around town on Saturday and we were successful at doing them ALL!  We started off going to the Farmer's Market and bought some local meat, eggs, honey, bagels, and pickles.  Then we headed to Smiling Hill farm where we registered Bradley for a week of summer camp.  He chose to go to camp over a birthday party this year!  It's a win win for both of us since he's excited to learn about animals and I don't have to plan a party!  After registering him for camp, we headed to Portland for the Touch a Truck event.  Bradley had a blast seeing and getting in all sorts of cool trucks.  Our favorite was the bookmobile!  Next stop was in Windham to see the new baby goats.  The sweet babies were totally worth the 30 minute wait line.  Then we decided to head over to the airport in Lewiston where they were giving free airplane rides.  Yep, FREE airplane rides.  It was SO cool!  Bradley got to ride in an airplane for the very first time!  It was a nice 10 minute ride which is perfect for getting him ready for our big airplane trip to SC in August.  We stopped for a late lunch at a really yummy pizza joint and got free whoopie pies.  Any place that gives you free whoopie pies is a winner in my book!  We headed home and had enough time to rest before heading to church that night.  

On Sunday, we had the best breakfast with food all bought from the Farmer's Market the day before.  It was unbelievably delicious!  We celebrated Savannah turning 5 months old!  Another awesome meal with Juicy Lucy's for a late lunch and then we went for a bike ride that afternoon.  We stopped at the park and then got some frozen yogurt.  We ended the night with Mike finishing his very LAST test for school.  I say he's a college graduate but he says he won't say it until his hands are touching his diploma!  I'm so proud of him working so hard to finish up his college degree and not giving up!

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