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Monday, May 2, 2016

Our Weekend Recap

We started off our weekend with Mike passing a HUGE test on Friday night!  He's been working on his Bachelor's degree the last couple of years and has ONE class left before he graduates.  Mike has been studying so hard for this particular test and we are so glad that one is finished and he can put that class behind him.  

We woke up on Saturday morning ready to tackle some yard work.  We ended up taking 40 LARGE bags of leaves to the transfer station.  Mike put up an outside clothesline for me which will be a huge help in speeding up the drying process for Savannah's cloth diapers!  We had two people come and haul off 5 truckloads of brush that was piling up in our woods.  And of course I forgot to take before pictures and the after picture is still a work in progress.  But we can see hope for our backyard and it's just a matter of a few more Saturday's before it will be finished.

 Saturday morning snuggles with Daddy!

 First load of leaves to the recycle!

 Bradley is such a hard worker.

 And Mike is so happy to be doing something other than studying!

She liked the outdoors for all of about 5 minutes.  UGH!

On Sunday we went to church and then headed to run some errands.  We had lunch at a hot dog joint using a Groupon, went to Build a Bear to reward Bradley for all his hard work on Saturday, bought a new bike for Mike at Sports Authority, and to Lowes for some home improvement items.  A quick afternoon nap and then we worked on some house chores and then tackled putting together a toy organizer for Savannah's room.  

Captain America is his favorite superhero right now.

The look says it all..."You are not taking me bike riding!"

Savannah loved her first bowl of rice cereal.  
It did NOT help her sleep longer at night.  :(

Bradley loves helping with projects!  

The cutest ham bone around!

Finally an organizer that will help the chaos in that room...hopefully!

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