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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Savannah's Fourth Month

Oh sweet Savannah!  You are 4 months old.  Some days I feel like you should be 4 years old and other days it seems like yesterday you were making your appearance.  The looks you give us some days are just too much and makes us wonder whether or not you even like us.  Your first tooth popped up one day after turning 4 months old!  You have always been an early achiever so I shouldn't have been surprised when it popped up.  You finally slept the entire night through...ONCE, but it was a beautiful night.  You are trying so hard to roll over and love to play on your floor exercise mat. The bumbo seat has been fun for you and your favorite spot is to sit in the kitchen and watch me cook and clean.  You started cooing the other night and you have the sweetest voice.  I just wish you would learn to coo more than cry.  Crying seems to be your favorite sound to make and lately it's been even worse with teething and shots.  I want you to keep your strong willed spirit but please start showing me some love soon.  Pretty please with a cherry on top!

 This is one of those "do I like you" looks you give us a lot!

 Teething has been so difficult for you.

 You are tense even when you get massages after your bath.

 There's the happy smile that I look for every day!

 You are not interested in playing dress up with Bradley yet.

 Your smile just lights up my world!

 You don't like to cuddle often but when I can get you like this, it's hard to put you down.

 Another sweet, peaceful moment!

 You weighed 16 1/2 pounds at your 4 month old checkup.  
My breast milk must be pure cream!

You love bath time and are growing quickly out of your infant bathtub.

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