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Monday, March 21, 2016

Our Weekend Recap

Mike's parents came up for the weekend.  There was so many different events going on around town this weekend that it was hard to choose what to do.  We ended up going to Hilltop Boilers and showed them the sugarshack where the maple syrup is made.  They have the best maple syrup and we couldn't leave without our maple fudge and maple whoopies pies too!  We found a really cute place to stop at for lunch, The Hungry Hollow Cafe in Limerick.  This will definitely be one of our new favorite places to eat.  Papa and Mimi babysat the kids on Saturday afternoon while Mike and I grabbed a coffee and headed to one of our favorite spots, Kettle Cove. I found the most sea glass I've ever found on one trip.  Thanks Dad & Mama G for visiting this weekend, lunch, and babysitting the kiddos!

 Bradley reading Papa and Mimi his book he wrote and illustrated.

 Bradley loved sitting on the tractors at Hilltop.

 Buckets collecting the sap to make into maple syrup.

 Bradley running with a bucket of sap for one of the contests they had.  
He finished in 21 seconds!

I think this might be our first family photo of 4 that wasn't a selfie!

Savannah and I loved soaking up the sunshine!

The Hungry Hollow Cafe 

 Getting ready to order delicious sandwiches for lunch!

 Wiped out after a busy day!

 Afternoon date with this gorgeous guy!

 There's no place like Maine!

 Mike's favorite spot!  

End of the weekend selfie!  

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