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Monday, March 14, 2016

Our Weekend Recap

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather we had this weekend!  We soaked up a lot of Vitamin D, had ocean therapy, and went for long walks.  It's a good thing we did because there's a chance for snow tonight!  As much as I thought Spring was here, you can't count on anything living in Maine.  The weather changes hourly or at least that's the way it seems.

On Saturday morning we headed over to Old Orchard Beach high school where they had a free Easter event for the kids.  We took a short walk on the beach afterwards.  Then we went for another walk in our town that afternoon.  I finally found something Savannah likes being carried around in....the Beechtree Baby wrap has been a huge hit with her!  We went to church on Saturday night and Savannah had her first nursery experience.  It was really nice for Mike and I to be able to worship together and Savannah had so much fun in the nursery she slept for a 5 hour stretch that night!

 Bradley loved the science table!

 Making a sparkly tornado.

He sat so still for his face painting.
 Ocean therapy time!

Off season tourist time = sandy beaches to ourselves!
 This kid could play in the sand for hours.

 Very excited to go for a walk and yes he wore his helmet while walking.  He says it's his favorite helmet ever!

 We had a lazy morning on Sunday.  Bradley enjoyed the extra time with Daddy and they both built some pretty cool buildings out of Lincoln Logs.  Savannah was in another one of her cranky moods so it was a good thing we didn't have any plans.  Mike and I took turns attempting to soothe Miss Priss.  We ended the night with walking to the soccer fields and Bradley rode his bike in the school parking lot.  Mike grilled burgers for supper.  Food is always on my mind lately....nursing makes me eat ALL THE TIME.

 These two love building things!

 In just a few months this little guy will be riding his bike to kindergarten!
 We tried forward facing on Sunday and Savannah loved that position too!

These two are always competing.
One handsome grill chef who makes extremely yummy hamburgers!

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