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Life is beautiful whether you're soaking in sunshine or caught in a thunderstorm. I take the beauty of life for granted too often. I have a supportive husband who I don't want to live life without, a beautiful son who is always reminding me of the simple things that really matter, and an independent daughter who is teaching me to throw schedules out the window and live in the moment. My day is made when free samples fill my mailbox. I love discovering a new product and sharing it with others. I hope you will enjoy reading my posts and will share your stories with me as well.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Our Weekend Recap

Oh my goodness, it feels like forever since I've posted our weekend recap.  Monday's can be a hit or miss around here.  Today is a hit with Savannah snoozing away while I get a LOT accomplished.

 On Friday night, Bradley and I went out on a date!  It was our first official date together and we had a blast!  We went up the road to the Gorham Arts Alliance Center where they put on a Cinderella Ballet.  Three of Bradley's friends were in the play so it was fun to watch them perform.  And Bradley had such a great time he was upset when they had to take an intermission. 

Saturday morning was our lazy morning.  Those mornings are the best!  We headed out to run some errands on Saturday afternoon and then we ended our night with babysitting two kids so their parents could go out on a date.

We went to the early church service on Sunday morning and then headed to the ocean.  It was 50 degrees and gorgeous!  We found a lot of sea glass and sea pottery to add to our collection.  Some housework on Sunday afternoon and then the kids and I were in bed by 8 pm while Mike stayed up and studied.  Two more classes and he's finished!!


Friday, February 26, 2016

Fun Friday Review & Giveaway - Renuzit Sensitive Scents

Renuzit is offering new products for those of us with sensitive noses.  I love walking into a home that smells nice but sometimes scents can be very overpowering and just too much for me. I was so excited to get a chance to try out these new products!

Renuzit Sensitive Scents can be experienced with their adjustable cones that are perfect for small spaces.  These cones last up to four weeks and are made with biodegradable gel. 

Here's a picture of their universal scented oils which the refills can universally fit in any Renuzit, Glade or Air Wick oil warming unit.  How awesome is that?!

And my most favorite is the trigger spray which help neutralize tough odors, musky fabrics, and other unpleasant smells with instant spray action.  

Renuzit Sensitive Scents is available in the following scents: Pure Water Blossom & Cucumber, Pure Ocean Breeze, and Pure White Pear & Lavender.  

My favorite item was the trigger spray in the White Pear & Lavender scent.  It wasn't overwhelming at all and I liked spraying it on my couch and having a fresh scent every time I sat down to relax.  The other two scents were still a little strong for me although people tell my I have an extremely sensitive nose.

Would you like a chance to win your own Renuzit Sensitive Scents product?  Leave a comment on this post telling me what product and scent you would choose.  Two winners will be chosen to receive a product of their choice!  Giveaway ends at midnight on Friday, March 11 and winner will be notified by Monday, March 14th.

**Disclosure - The Renuzit brand provided me with free samples of Renuzit Sensitive Scents in exchange for a product review.  All opinions expressed here are my own.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Apply To Host a Healthy Baby Home Party!

What is a Healthy Baby Home Party? 
Seventh Generation's home parties are powered by people like you who are focused on creating a healthy environment for the next generation. Developed with input from non-profit partner, Healthy Child Healthy World, they are a great way to get together with friends, share helpful information, and make an impact!
Healthy Baby Home Party kits are provided to all selected hosts and are filled with educational info about our environment, helpful tips, a fun game, and samples and coupons from Seventh Generation and other favorite family-friendly brands like bobble and Plum Organics.

What is the Application Process?
  • Sign up at generationgood.net to join the Generation Good community, or log in if already a member.
  • Accept the Healthy Baby Home Party Application offer on your Generation Good dashboard and complete the application.
  • Applicants will be notified by end of March if they have been selected to host a party, via an email to the email address assigned to their Generation Good member profile.
  • All selected applicants will then need to confirm their participation by accepting the Healthy Baby Home Party Mission in Generation Good and confirming their shipping address.
  • 1,900 FREE Party Kits will be distributed in this round.
  • Hosting spots are open to US residents only at this time. Canadian parties are planned for later in 2016!
  • Full terms and conditions are available within Generation Good in the "Healthy Baby Home Party Application" offer.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Savannah's Second Month

Oh Savannah!  We have changed the "Oh Susanna" song to Oh Savannah, oh don't you cry for me because crying has been your expertise these last two months.  We love you dearly but please show us some love back.  

You like tummy time and you have a very strong neck.  I'm pretty sure it's because you are so nosy and just want to know what's going on around you at all times.  You are waking up every 2-3 hours at night and sometimes it's just to see what's going on.  You're not really hungry.  You love going for car rides and sometimes I'm tempted to just drive around for hours.  I would if I wasn't so completely exhausted and a hazard to other drivers.  

Within the last week you have figured out how to smile and it completely transforms your disposition when you do.  I remember my Mom always telling me to smile more often and I have a feeling I'm going to be telling you the same thing.  
 Your baby yawns are like none other!

 You love bathtime and your Daddy and brother pamper you with extra washcloths for your head and neck, warm lotion, and fluffy towels.  You are rotten!

 This is one of my favorite outfits on you because it brings out those gorgeous blue eyes!

The day you showed a real smile...not gas related.

 Nightly foot massages...yes, your Mama is pretty jealous of all the pampering you require.

 I could stare at your gorgeous eyes for hours!  Savannah, you are a beautiful baby!

 Your first Valentine's Day requires extra cute heart diapers!

When you're mad, you make sure to let us all know it.

 You have started sitting in your bouncer on the kitchen counter while I cook breakfast and supper and I love this time with you. 

 Your two month checkup weighing a whopping 12.3 pounds and 23 inches long.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Bradley and Savannah

Okay, so maybe all the pain of labor and delivery was worth it when I see Bradley and Savannah together.  He absolutely adores her and I can already see the love Savannah has for Bradley.  I can only hope that these two will become and remain best friends for the rest of their life!