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Monday, December 14, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

And another weekend is over.  It's crazy to think that three weekends from now we will be holding baby Savannah!  We accomplished a lot on Friday night and Saturday despite being admitted to the hospital on Friday morning for some monitoring of the baby. Thankfully she is okay but she is making it very clear to us that she is going to do things her way and on her timing.  Christmas cookies and caramel popcorn were made and delivered to our neighbors, Christmas cards were mailed, and we went shopping for a rocker for the baby's room.  It was unsuccessful due to the insane price stores wanted for rockers, but we still had fun getting out and enjoying the 50 degree weather.

Bradley was all about supervising me while I made the cookies.
 Mike's job was stuffing envelopes and putting the stamp and return address label on.  If you get a card from us, make sure to tell him what an incredible job he did!  :)

Christmas goodies all ready to deliver to our neighbors.

 Bradley helped me test out some of the rockers.  He was so sweet and cuddly!
 He thought this huge bear was really cool but was scared to death 
of a large stuffed caterpillar on the other side of the room.

Sunday was a super relaxing day!  I overdid it on Friday and Saturday so I stayed home while Mike and Bradley went to church.  After lunch we all relaxed by either reading books or quietly resting.  Then we headed to go look at Christmas lights on Sunday night.  I don't think that Northerners decorate as much as Southerners do but we still managed to find one nice neighborhood that had plenty of lights to enjoy.  

 I can't say enough about how great this book is!  
I'm reading it for the second time and still learning so much!
Some of the Christmas lights we saw.  I love the lights wrapped on the tree trunks.  Mike and I will definitely have to do that next year.

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