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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Letter 2015

Savannah came three days too late for making the Christmas letter this year.  I've got to give her an A+ for her effort in trying though!

Ashley Lay Genovese

Dear Family & Friends,

It’s hard to believe we have lived in Maine for a whole year and are happily surviving. We have grown to love this beautiful state. We are spoiled with the closeness of the ocean and believe it or not we are looking forward to the snow arriving. We still have a little bit of our Southern accents but “soda” and “wicked” have become more natural for us to say.

As if adjusting to a new state, new job, different culture, etc. wasn’t enough of an adventure, we found out that Ashley was pregnant on Mother’s Day weekend. It was a happy surprise and Savannah Ashley is expected to arrive just in time for a tax deduction on December 31st.

Bradley is now 4 ½ years old and is very excited to be a big brother. He went to preschool from January – June earlier this year and loved every minute of it. He has made lot of new friends through preschool, church and other groups and has become a social butterfly. The ocean is still his favorite place to go and all he needs is a shovel and bucket to make him happy.

Ashley has had a rough pregnancy from the very start but is thankful she can now see the end in sight. She loved every minute of being a hostess and bed & breakfast manager for all our friends and family who visited us throughout the year. She started a new hobby of refinishing furniture and found quite the deals at yard sales during the summer. The most exciting project was an antique dresser and toddler rocking chair for Savannah’s nursery.

Mike has brought his Scottrade branch from 25th out of twenty-five branches to consistently perform in the top five in the region and has worked hard at being a good leader in the office. He is very thankful for a job that gives him some flexibility and will allow him to take plenty of time off once the new baby arrives. He is learning to become a handyman around the house and YouTube videos have become his book of instructions. He had a colonoscopy back in March which confirmed the Crohn’s is still in remission which we are thankful for.

Our Christmas prayer for 2016 is that we will accept the gift of peace that God has given us. He promises us this in John 14:27 which says “I am leaving you with a gift – peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” No matter what happens in the world or in your home in 2016, remember God already knows and has promised us peace.

Merry Christmas! We love you all so very much.

Mike, Ashley & Bradley

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