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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Be Somebody's Angel This Christmas

I love this song by Mandisa..."Somebody's Angel".  We can get so wrapped up this time of the year with the holiday parties, decorating, shopping, wrapping presents, baking, etc.  It's easy to be consumed with ourselves and our families and not want to make time for others.  But it's the most important time to show others what Christmas is about.  So take a moment, look around, and see who you can be an angel to.

This past Sunday I had a moment where I hoped I was somebody's angel.  Our family was at the Gorham Christmas parade and tree lighting and we were standing in line waiting for a horse and carriage ride.  There was a lady behind me that started a conversation with me and she told me how she was waiting for her ex-husband to bring her son to the parade.  Her son was 9 years old and he always looks forward to this event every year.  He was already 30 minutes late and she was afraid he would miss the entire event.  One of his favorite things was eating the donut munchkins they hand out since that's the only time he gets those.  Bradley started to get tired of waiting in line so I took him for a walk while Mike held our place in line.  I passed the booth where they were handing out the munchkins and grabbed a bag for Bradley.  We continued walking and all I could think of was that little boy who might miss out on his munchkins.  I told Bradley we needed to walk back and get another bag.  He asked why and I told him that we were going to make someone very happy.  As I walked back to the horse and carriage line and handed the bag of munchkins to the lady, I'll never forget the look on her face.  Something so simple, munchkins and you would have thought I handed her a bag of gold.  

To the sweet lady I met at the parade, I really hope your son made it to some of the event and I hope he enjoyed the munchkins.  But most of all I hope I was able to make your night a little brighter despite the disappointing situation. 

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