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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Latest and Greatest in Bradley's World

My dear Bradley.  You will officially be 4 1/2 years old next month.  I can't believe it.  Your baby sister is due next month and it seems like yesterday you were being born.  You have become a little man in the last several months.  You are pronouncing your r's and s's better and have graduated to saying "hungry" rather than "hungy".  I know it's good for you to be speaking more clearly, but I'm going to miss the baby talk.  Daddy and I spell so many words out if we don't want you to know our conversation so you have begun to just randomly say letters because you want to be just like us.  You have such a sweet sensitive heart and are so caring especially when you know I don't feel well or the baby has been keeping me up at night.  You are so excited about your baby sister coming and tell everyone that you will be the best big brother to her.  I know you will be because my dear son, you have a heart of gold.  I'm going to soak up these last 50 days of just me and you before your sister arrives.  Cleaning and organizing can wait because those extra cuddles and minutes with you are priceless right now.

 You love to help rake leaves!  

 You're very proud of your soft skin but can't wait to be "roughy" like Daddy.

 You love to make goofy poses for the camera.

 Your love for candy corn comes from your Daddy!

 Making sure your hair looks cute has become a big deal to you.

 You still love going for bike rides.

 You chose to be Spiderman for Halloween 2015 and 
you were the cutest and strongest one out there!

 Licking the bowl is a very serious job for you.  You never turn down chocolate.

 You love building towers and knocking them down.

 You are Mommy's little guinea pig when it comes to trying
 new samples and writing reviews about products.

 Your love of egg nog comes from your Uncle Brandon.

 You can turn a work day into a play day and I love that about you!

 You are all boy!  It's 50 degrees and you are still barefoot playing in mud.
 A shovel and a bucket is all you need to be content for hours at the ocean.

 You love helping Mommy cook and are quite the little chef!

You have been drooling over this bear (Darth Vader) in the Build a Bear magazine and you used your own money to buy him.  You were so happy to finally have him and he's become your favorite stuffed animal.


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