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Monday, November 23, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

Wow!  Did we even have a weekend?  It feels impossible that it's already Monday and it's the week of Thanksgiving!  We stayed super busy this weekend getting lots accomplished and having some fun in between the busy schedule.

We ran several errands on Friday night and Mike's favorite stop was at Sam's Club.  I received a free membership last week so we made our first trip there.  It's a little better than BJ's but it's still not my Costco.  Mike received a birthday gift card to Sports Authority so he bought a new pair of sneakers.  A trip to Lowes, because what's a weekend without going there, to pick up some items to fix one of our toilets.  And a trip to one of the local grocery stores to stock up on their k-cup sale.  I'm starting to become hooked on blueberry coffee, another sign of becoming a Mainer!

We started off Saturday morning with breakfast and then went straight into a budget meeting.  Mike and I try to make time for budget meetings once every 3-4 months just to stay on track with our goals.  After finishing the budget without any kicking or screaming, we headed outside to get some yard work done.  Our last time raking leaves (YAY), Mike mowed, and we brought all of our lawn chairs and summer toys inside the basement for the Winter.  We all took quick showers, ate some sandwiches and then we were off to bring Mike's car into the shop to get snow tires put on.  We left his car at the tire shop and headed to Loudon, NH for the Gift of Lights at the NH Speedway.  It was just under two hours and we made one dessert stop to get some ice cream and whoopies pies.  The lights were a bit of a disappointment to me and Mike but Bradley loved it and seeing Santa!  He told Santa all he wanted for Christmas was a yoyo.  That's easy and cheap enough!  :) 

 Making sure the snowblower is ready to go for the Winter!

All the leaves are finally raked up for this year.

We stopped for some sweet treats at Johnson's Dairy Bar.  Wicked yummy desserts!
Mike loves his grape nuts ice cream...
it's a Mainer thing that I don't think I'll ever get used to.

NH Motor Speedway
 We found a yummy pizza joint for supper on Saturday night.

We went to church on Sunday morning and then came home and took a nap after lunch.  Then it was chore time again with finishing up laundry, repairing a toilet, (which required another trip to Lowes), menu planning and cutting coupons, and then we were finally able to end the night relaxing.
 My two handsome men ready for church.

 This guy is the jack of all trades!  
He was absolutely thrilled to be fixing this toilet especially since he is a major germ freak.


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