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Monday, November 16, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

Mike had a manager's conference in Phoenix, AZ this past weekend so it was just me and Bradley hanging out.  We tried to do a couple fun things each day but for the most part, we relaxed, watched Christmas movies, played board games, and managed to get in a little house cleaning and laundry too.

 Bradley was so excited to see The Peanuts Movie!  

 Mommy/son date at the movies!

 Lots of train tracks and Lego buildings were created this weekend.

 The only reason Bradley was glad Daddy was gone was because he was allowed to sleep with me each night.  Other than that, this little guy missed his Daddy so much!

 And some more creativity (mess) was made!

 I think this is the first pregnancy selfie I've taken.  41 more days!!  This baby girl is already weighing in at 5.6 pounds!  Ultrasound every week now to monitor her growth.

 Bradley learned how to play tic tac toe this weekend!

 He loves Mexican food as much as his Mama does!

 Frisbee time outside

Some tire swinging fun!

 And of course we had to go for a bike ride!

 Time to clean up the house from all our partying this weekend.  
Bradley was a huge help and washed the stairs for me.

 Taking a quick nap on Sunday night before picking up Daddy from the airport

He was one happy boy when he saw his Daddy!

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