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Monday, October 26, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

Mike's big test for school is on Tuesday night so he was studying a LOT this weekend.  But we still managed to get some sweet family moments in during his breaks.

We started Saturday morning off with a game of Candy Land.  Bradley won both games and was very proud of himself.  The boys did their normal routine of wrestling and Legos while I cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast.  Then we took some family photos while the leaves are still gorgeous. Next year we will have to hire a professional...the selfie stick worked ok but it was a painful process.  A quick trip to Target to pick up a couple items and then we were back home for the rest of the day.  
The hair fairy visited both of these boys on Friday night!

 What is it with boys and wrestling? 
 It's one of Bradley's favorite things to do right now!

 I can't believe this kid is almost 4 1/2 years old!

 Family picture #236....
I'm sure we entertained our neighbors while we were attempting these pictures.

Family picture #312...and I've yet to learn the correct place to look at the camera!

 #30 weeks...just 66 more days!

 Bradley loves giving his baby sister kisses!

 The two cutest boys in the world!

We bought some baby stuff at Target.  Mike is still trying to process all this PINK stuff!

 This guy is so dedicated to finishing school right now!  I'm so proud of him!!

We had a great message at church on Sunday morning.  God really spoke to my heart using  Jesus' promise to us in John 14 of leaving us with the gift of peace of mind and heart.  Bradley and I were exhausted when we got home so we both took a nap while Mike studied some more.  That evening we took Bradley to the local school park and then he and Mike played some basketball while I made dinner.  Another weekend over and one more weekend closer until baby G arrives!

 Bradley took a 2 hour nap and didn't move a muscle the entire time!

 Working out his arm muscles.

 Bradley loves the park!

 He was determined to beat Daddy on the slide.

 Bradley is doing a great job at learning how to dribble the basketball.

This tree in our backyard is absolutely gorgeous right now.  The leaves are so bright when the sun is shining that it sends an orange light into the house through the windows. 

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