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Monday, October 12, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

We started the weekend off rough.  Mike and I both slept terrible on Friday night and we woke up on Saturday knowing we both had some chores that we were dreading.  

My chore was to take down window screens, clean blinds, and wash windows.  My way of cleaning blinds is to completely take down the blind and wash it in the bathtub.  I know there are recommended easier ways to wash blinds, but in my world I don't feel like they are clean until they've been scrubbed in the tub.  And since I only wash windows twice a year, this project took me 4 hours to get just 10 windows completed!  And I still have another 12 to finish sometime this week.  UGH!

 Bradley was such a great little helper!

The one on the left is squeaky clean!

Mike's chore was to fix our falling apart shed so we could store some lawn equipment in there for the Winter.  Once Mike got back from Lowe's, Bradley was so excited to go help Daddy because being outside is so much better than being inside.

Cutest little worker around!

He pulled every single one of these boards out of the car!

He told me the sandwich he ate for lunch gave him extra energy 
and muscles to carry these boards. What a hoot!!

We crashed at 3:30 pm just in time to watch the Vols vs GA football game.  I made cauliflower crust pizza for supper.  My diet has drastically changed with having gestational diabetes and I'm trying to keep my carb count very low.  I've only failed 9 out of the 34 tests I've taken in the last 8 days.

 The pizza very filling and satisfied my pizza craving.

We went to the early service at church on Sunday morning.  Mike had a 3 hour test to take so Bradley and I stayed busy reading the newspaper, playing with toys, and then taking a nap.  We were all feeling restless on Sunday afternoon so we headed to the ocean.  Winter is quickly coming so we might as well take advantage of every "warm" day that's left.  

 Not many more days left of Bradley being the only child.

 My two favorite boys!

 The beach is his favorite playground!

 Picking up his first hermit crab.

 He doesn't stop running!

 We found a nice handful of sea glass at Kettle Cove.

The biggest jellyfish I've seen yet!


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