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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

CVS Deals Week of October 11-17

This was the week for me to stock up on candy for Halloween and Trunk or Treat at church.  After coupons the bags came to $1.67 each and they are normally priced at $4.79 each!  I'm bringing 3 bags of candy to church and I have 6 bags for our house.  We weren't moved in yet last year so I have no idea how many kids to expect.  Resisting opening a bag right now is taking a huge amount of willpower for this pregnant mama!

 I split these purchases up in two transactions to make my out of pocket as cheap as possible.  It still managed add up to a large total but I think I'm fully stocked up on body wash, shampoo, makeup and deodorant for the next couple of crazy months.  And the candy alone was around $15 even after using coupons.  My grand total for all the above items was $45.44, I saved $86.58, and I have $10 left in ECB's to be used on my next purchase.

The Dove body wash was my absolute favorite deal this week.  When you buy $30 worth of select Dove products, you receive $10 back in ECB's.  The products are also buy one get one 50% off.  I had coupons for each product along with an additional CVS kiosk coupon.  I paid a total of $20.24 and received $10 back in ECB's making each item $1.70 each after ECB's.  And knowing that one bottle of body wash is normally $8.99 makes me very happy with my savings!  And Mike will be happy that he now has some "manly" body wash.  Bless his heart, he had to use coconut water body wash this morning!  

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