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Monday, September 28, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

We were SO busy this weekend!  It's almost like we know Winter is on the way so we have to hurry up and soak in every last minute of nice weather.  Or it's because we have a BABY on the way and there are still a million things to do to get ready for her!  

We started off the weekend with having friends over for dinner on Friday night.   I went all out Italian with making pasta and sauce full of meatballs, sausage, and pepperoni.  Of course the baby hated the meal about 4 hours later resulting in the worst heartburn of my life.  Mike will be eating leftover pasta dinner for at least the next 5 out of 8 meals.

It was pretty chilly on Saturday morning so we all cuddled up on the couch and watched cartoons with Bradley.  We had bought a couple more pieces of furniture at yard sales the last several Saturday's so I went to work sanding and painting while Mike was busy taking out the window A/C units and making sure our snowblower was ready for Winter.  We had to stop around 3 pm to get ready for two big football games.  TN Vols vs FL Gators and UMass vs Notre Dame.  Mike's cousin Jake is playing for UMass and we were hoping he would get some playing time on TV which he did!  Of course both of our teams lost which was disappointing.  We went to Life Church on Saturday night because we had big plans for Sunday.
It was downright chilly on Saturday morning. 
Time to get out the flannel sheets and electric blankets!

 We bought this desk for $5 at a yard sale.  
It will be perfect for Bradley when it's all finished!

Another $5 yard sale purchase.  We had to sand off the disgusting Yankee logo and I'm repainting it mint green to match the baby's dresser.

Mike helping me sand off old paint from a picture frame we are going to use.

 Sunday was our fun day!  We headed to the Cumberland County Fair which was just about 30 minutes away.  It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun checking out rabbits, pigs, cows, goats, oxen, draft horses, chickens, and watching a couple of pig races.  Bradley had his first pony ride which he loved.  I was able to leave the fair without buying a rabbit or a pig which made Mike very happy.  Mike got to eat a turkey leg which and we all got to try our first fried Oreos.  It was a great day at the fair!  We came home long enough for Mike to watch a couple quarters of the Patriots football game and then we picked up coffees and hot chocolate and headed to the ocean.  There is nothing that makes any of us happier.  Bradley painted his pumpkin on Sunday night and Mike scored a FREE basketball goal that our neighbor was getting rid of.  He's been without a basketball goal for a year and I didn't realize how much he missed having one!  I was in bed by 8:30 pm but I woke up at 10:30 pm to see the Lunar Eclipse.  It was so cool especially with the million stars shining so brightly.  Maine has some of the most beautiful night skies and the stars are so much brighter here than they are down South.  I only had my phone to take pictures so it didn't even come close to capturing the beauty.

Most of these cows had just been bathed!  
It was so funny to watch some of them getting a bath and being blow dried.

These were my favorite sheep!

This cow was gorgeous!  I swear it's skin was like velvet.

Bradley with two winning pigs!  At least we think they should win.  Our friend Elizabeth raised these pigs and did a great job!
This little guy was all about Bradley and those two became best buds quickly.

Bradley loved being able to pet so many goats.
We watched oxen pull this heavy concrete.  Very impressive but I didn't like the owner screaming and beating his animals.  That part didn't set so well with me.

The pig race was definitely our favorite thing to watch.
Our friend Lucas won with getting his pig #3 to come to him first!

One happy guy with his turkey leg!

 Bradley loved it too!

My favorite lop eared rabbit!  She was begging me to take her home!

We watched a couple practice runs.

Bradley loved his first pony ride!

Our first fried Oreos.  I'm glad I tried them but I'm totally ok if I never eat another one again.  I'd rather have my Oreos dunked in milk.

 You would have thought Bradley would have been wore out from walking for 4 hours at the fair.  This kid has an endless amount of energy and was happy to be running at the beach.

Ocean air makes us all very happy!

He posed like this all by himself!
The moon was gorgeous on the way home.

He was so serious about painting his pumpkin.

He wanted the pumpkin to have a grumpy face and has decided to call this pumpkin "Mommy".  I guess this baby has been making me more grumpy than usual!

The best picture my phone could take of the Lunar Eclipse last night.

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