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Monday, September 21, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

This weekend confirmed my love for living in Maine.  We had lots of gorgeous sunshine, tourist season is over so we have the beaches back to ourselves, and the feeling of Fall is in the air!
I had started painting the baby dresser and baby room on Friday afternoon so after supper Mike helped me finish the last coat in the baby room.  It's nice to have the project over with!  The walls are light purple, the dresser is mint green, the crib is white, and we haven't settled on a chair color yet.  It's going to be gorgeous when it's all finished!

 Bradley loved helping paint his sister's room! 
He says she will smile when she sees how beautiful her room is.

I love how the paint color turned out!  
We've had such great success the last two Saturday's going to yard sales that we tried it again this past Saturday morning.  And hit jackpot for the 3rd week in a row!  We found several smaller baby items that were needed and even Bradley scored some cheap books and Legos.  Mike took Bradley to a football game in MA on Saturday afternoon while I ran a couple of errands and had some nice R&R time to myself.
 This boa was actually for sale at one of the yard sales we went to!
The owner is lucky I didn't go running off screaming scaring all her customers.

Bradley's first football game and first time drinking orange soda!
Mike's parents were able to meet them at the game and Bradley was 
PopPop's little sidekick all afternoon.
Mike's cousin Stephen plays for Curry College and they won the game 21-16.
Bradley said his favorite part about the game was watching Stephen play football. 

We went to an early service on Sunday morning at Life Church and came home and I made waffles and sausage for brunch.  Then we hit Pine Point Beach!  It was perfect.  There were very few people at the beach, lots of sunshine and a cool breeze so we never got too hot.  We finished putting the baby crib together on Sunday afternoon and started the process of cleaning out closets.  We ended our evening with some outside fun and Bradley and I were in bed by 8 pm!  

Waffles and sausage for brunch!  Check out my favorite waffle recipe!

 This mama was happy to soak up Vitamin D and have her feet in the warm sand!

 These boys had so much fun!

 He has no idea how lucky of a kid he is!

Sand castle time although we forgot most of Bradley's buckets at home.

Trying to maximize our closet space as best as possible!

Our new game we bought for $3 at a yard sale!


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