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Monday, September 14, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

And another weekend is already over!  I only have 15 more weekends until the baby comes.  That's craziness!

On Friday night we went to a new beach in Scarborough.  We didn't get there until 6:30 pm and they close at 7 pm so we didn't have a lot of time to walk but it was still a gorgeous beach and we found a lot of colorful rocks.  We drove to another beach but parking was full so we headed to Lowes because that's where all married couples spend their Friday night, right?

We started Saturday morning off with some yard sales.  We had three things we wanted to find and we found two of them!  A dresser for $5 and a desk for $15.  Both need some TLC but they are going to be gorgeous once we are finished with them.  While I sanded the dresser, Mike and Bradley worked on digging a trench by the basement.  We've had some minor leaks in the basement when it rains so Mike fixed the problem.  And it rained on Sunday which allowed us to see if he really did fix the problem, and the basement stayed perfectly dry!  A lazy afternoon of football and pizza and we were ready to call it a day.

 Once stripped, sanded, and repainted, this is going to be a 
gorgeous dresser for baby Genovese!

 I love how much character this desk has!
We aren't touching it for now, but eventually it will be sanded and repainted also.

 My first time sanding any piece of furniture!

It was actually a lot of fun and I might just have begun a new hobby!

 This little guy knows how to work!  He was all about digging and hauling off the dirt with his little shovel and dump truck.

Then he wanted to fix a board that had fallen off the house.  Mike gave him a hammer and nail and he went to work fixing the problem!

Bradley trying out the new selfie stick.  He only took about 100 pictures of himself!

It was a rainy day on Sunday, perfect Maine weather.  We are back to visiting churches right now so we visited a new start up church on Sunday morning.  I went to my first Trade of Hope jewelry party on Sunday afternoon and completely fell in love with the jewelry, the stories behind the jewelry, and the company!  If you haven't heard of Trades of Hope, you can check them out here and see the gorgeous items these talented women create.  We made one more trip to Lowes on Sunday night (it never ends) and said goodbye to another weekend.

 Mike introduced us to Fluff on Sunday night.

 He made us a Fluffernutter sandwich which is just peanut butter and fluff.  It was a little sweet for me but watching Mike get so excited about a tub of processed sugar was hilarious!

 These guys are always building something!

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