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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

It was nice having an extra day to our weekend.  We had gorgeous weather on Saturday and Sunday but the heat and humidity came in on Monday.  I'm hoping this heat wave will quickly leave because this pregnant Mama doesn't do well without central A/C.

We went to yard sales on Saturday morning and hit jackpot on a couple of baby items.  We are starting completely over with baby equipment since I don't like to save anything if it hasn't been used in a year.  It's very overwhelming having to start all over and I forgot how much stuff a baby needs!  After yard sales, Mike installed a motion sensor light outside while I planted some mums that I found on clearance for $1 at Lowes.  We went to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon and then ended our night with college football and ice cream.

We had gorgeous 70 degree weather on Saturday so we ate our lunch outside.
 It only took me a year to get flowers planted in this flower bed!

We all have our own favorite ice cream and 
Edy's (my favorite) was on sale last week for just $1.99!

On Sunday Bradley and I took a nap right after church.  We were both exhausted.  Mike finished up some school work....he's working so hard to finish his online classes before the baby comes.  The rest of the day was relaxing with playing outside, bike ride, and a quick stop at our local park where Bradley made a new friend.

 Sweetest sleeping angel ever!

It was great to have Mike home on Monday so we decided to tackle Bradley's room.  When we painted his room a year ago, it was rainy and humid that day so the paint didn't dry right and we never added the 2nd coat.  Mike also needed to fix the chair rail and finish sanding and caulking it.  Bradley decided to be Bob the Builder a couple weeks ago and used a hammer to put about 200 small holes in his wall so we had to patch those too. 

He learned very quickly that putting holes in the walls is not a good idea.
 But he did a great job helping Daddy patch the holes and re-paint the walls.

Bradley is all about helping Daddy and being just like him!

Me and baby girl even helped with the painting!  
Bradley's room is finished...now to work on baby girl's room!

A late lunch/early supper at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Bradley wanted to be just like me and order exactly what I always order.  Beef and cheese enchiladas with rice, and beans.

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