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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dresser and Picture Makeover

So I might be a newbie at refinishing furniture but after completing 3 projects, I'm ready to have my own HGTV show!  I'm realizing this might just become a new hobby for me and it will keep me busy this winter...if caring for a newborn isn't busy enough.

We found this $5 dresser at a yard sale earlier this month and I had Mike double check it to make sure it was something that would actually last and not fall apart.  There's nothing fancy about it.  But we needed a dresser for the baby and I knew with some TLC, it would work. 

 The before look.  Mike had to reinforce a couple of the drawers but we used some leftover wood laying around. A secret to making drawers slide in and out smoothly is to rub bar soap on the edges of the drawer.  Works like a charm every time!

Sanding is finished, now to start painting!

 Painting is finished, now to dry!

I bought the drawer knobs off Ebay and they match perfectly with the wall paint color!

I grew up with this picture in my room.  My room colors were peach and blue (not my choice) so just imagine this picture in a bright peach frame.  I forgot to take a picture of the before frame.  It was pretty hideous but apparently those colors were trendy 25 years ago, or at least that's what Mom always said.  I took this picture to Michaels and they selected a new mat for the picture and I painted the frame white. 

I had a hard time capturing the picture because of the glare coming thru the window and off the ceiling light.  This was the best shot I could get.  But I'm so happy with the way it turned out and I think it's pretty cool that our baby girl will grow up with the same picture that I grew up with...just updated colors!

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  1. Ashley, beautiful job! Each piece is a testament of love! Perfect!!!