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Monday, August 24, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

We pretty much spent our weekend organizing and cleaning with a birthday party in between.  It was really nice to get some things cleaned up and organized so I don't feel so overwhelmed.  It's starting to hit me that life is only going to get more hectic with baby #2 on the way and December 31st will be here soon enough!

 We have an unfinished basement and since we don't have a garage, the basement has pretty much just become one huge unorganized pile of pretty much everything you can imagine.

Before Picture
 After picture

 Before picture

After picture

The before picture of my laundry "room" that was out of control.

After picture....much better!

This room will eventually become the guest room when we are ready to remodel.  Until then it was Bradley's play room when the weather outside is bad.  We changed it to become the storage room so when you walk into the basement, you aren't bombarded with all the junk at first sight.

 The new organized storage room!  

We went to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon for one of Bradley's preschool friends.  Can I just say I'm so thankful for the Mama's of his preschool friends?  They have reached out to me and been so sweet including me in group activities, telling me all the best beaches and lakes to go to, and sharing their garden produce!  The party was at Triple Jump Fitness and the kids had so much fun.  They were moving around so much it was hard to take a clear picture.  Triple Jump Fitness offers open gym play which is something Bradley and I will have to check out this Winter.

We also had time this weekend for building tents, introducing Bradley to The Sound of Music movie and teaching him how to play Mario on the Wii.  We all had a good nap on Sunday afternoon and I ended each night with a new book and a new favorite coffee!

Bradley is obsessed with building tents! 
He did pretty well with the movie.  I skipped a lot of the "boring parts" because he only liked the scenes with the children.  :)

 Bradley surprised us both with how well he caught on to playing the Wii.  He was so patient and kept trying over and over again to "kill the monsters".

My two favorite sleeping boys!

I'm only on chapter 5 but this has been a fantastic book so far!

And my new coffee obsession!  
I just bought this on Friday afternoon and I only have two packets left.


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