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Monday, August 10, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

We worked our butts off this weekend.  Between yard work and bike riding...we were wiped out by Sunday night.  We had great weather all weekend long.  I don't miss the SC heat and humidity at all.  In fact, I've become quite a pansy when it hits 80 degrees here.

On Friday night, Mike and Bradley fixed the chain saw to have ready for our work day on Saturday.  Then they had to test it out by cutting down the first tree.  Afterwards we went on a bike ride around town.  I bought a new bike on Thursday and it's awesome.  I've always had bikes from garage sales, Craig's List, and one new one from Walmart.  I didn't realize what a difference a great bike can make.  Bike riding is a piece of cake for me now.

  Mike was so patient with Bradley teaching him all about the chainsaw and letting him help unscrew some parts.
  First tree to come down!  
 This little guy has strong muscles!

 A perfect night for a bike ride!

We had gorgeous weather on Saturday.  It was in the low 70's with a nice breeze.  We started working bright and early on Saturday morning with cutting down trees and burning.  The chain saw barely hung on which only made it more difficult for Mike.  He had to restart that stupid thing every 5 minutes which was extremely frustrating.  We worked hard for 5 hours cleaning up the yard.  It looks better but it still has a long way to go.  Baby steps!  I was so proud of Bradley and how hard he worked.  He gave me a good hour of picking up sticks and had such a sweet attitude about it.  We crashed on the couch that night watching two movies: "Insurgent" and "My Best Friend's Wedding".
 Lightning hit this tree about a month ago.

 He still loves wearing his helmet even when he's not riding his bike.

 Bradley was all about helping Daddy take down trees.

 Such a strong little guy!

Mike hated this tree and was very happy to get rid of it.

 Exhausted but still so happy!

 I had nursery duty at church on Sunday morning taking care of 6 kids...I survived.  :)
After church, Mike needed a haircut and my eyebrows needed to be waxed.  HairMasters had just opened at 10 am so we were in and out in 20 minutes.  We went for a bike ride on the Mountain Division Trail on Sunday afternoon.  It was another gorgeous day!  Bradley played in the lake at Shaw Park for a few minutes after our bike ride.  Then we went home and made BBQ ribs, fried potatoes, and zucchini.  Mike and I played a couple games of Skip-bo while Bradley watched some TV.  We were ready for bed at 8 pm!
 He loves being the little paper boy every Sunday morning!

 I'm loving my new bike!

 A cool tree we saw in the woods off the bike trail.
 The lake was beautiful!

 That's as far out as he would go.  
He's like his Mama when it comes to swimming in lakes.

His first time having BBQ ribs. 

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