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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

CVS Deals Week of August 16 - 22

I stopped at a new CVS downtown Portland today and their coupon kiosk wasn't working so I missed out on a couple of deals.  And I forgot about the 5 cent plastic bag fee they put in place a couple months ago.  Oh well...life goes on.

I made two transactions out of these purchases.  Toothpaste, body wash, and soap went on the first transaction.  My total was $6.08 after coupons and ECB's, I saved $29.16, and I received $11 back in ECB's.  The laundry detergent (normally $7.29 each) was on the 2nd transaction and my total was $5.41 after coupons and ECB's and I saved $24.40.

My grand total for everything was $11.49 and I saved $53.86 and I have $6 ECB's to be used on my next transaction.


  1. Hi there. i like your post.... do you have a breakdown of what you did, which coupons you used, etc?

    1. Sure! I used two $1 off Colgate toothpaste coupons and one $1 off 2 Colgate toothpastes. I found two coupons online from swagbucks and the other coupon was from Sunday paper insert. I also used a CVS kiosk $2.50 off $9 oral hygiene products. I used two $2 off Shea Moisture coupons found off Swagbucks for the bar soap and body wash. I also used a CVS kiosk $2 off $11 purchase of body wash. The toothpaste transaction gave me $6 back in ECB's and the Shea Moisture gave me $5 back in ECB's. For the laundry detergent, I just used two $1 off 2 Tide detergents from the Sunday paper insert.