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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Latest and Greatest in Bradley's World

My four year old Bradley.  You are a planner.  You have to know the daily schedule and if I haven't come up with one, you make me think of something.  Chocolate chip pancakes is still your food of choice.  You love to go on bike rides and I think it's going to be almost time to try the bike without training wheels.  You have just become interested in Bob the Builder because you are quite the builder yourself.  Whether it's lego or block towers, or tents in the family room, you like to draw plans of how you are going to create something.  You are really into maps and love knowing exactly which direction we are going at all times.  You amaze me with your excitement to learn new things and meet new people.  You are going to do amazing things when you grow up!
Four year old checkup weighing 40 pounds and 40.5 inches tall.

 Not only do you play hard...you sleep like a rock at nap time!

You are such a little helper always asking me if you can help me with housework.
 Your first year attending VBS and you were so excited about "Crazy Hat" day!

Getting messy is what you do best.

 You are so happy that you are now strong enough to help Daddy mow the yard.

You finally got to meet your cousin Chloe from CT and you instantly
 became best friends with her.

 Becoming a Merman was so much fun for you!

 Picnic lunches at the beach is one of my favorite things to do with you!

 You are my beach baby for sure!
 Your first mailboat ride and you loved it!

You pretended to be the captain of the boat and did a great job "steering" it.


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  1. He is getting so big! Can't wait to see you guys and give you all big hugs! Love these posts about Bradley, so sweet!