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Monday, July 20, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

Y'all, we had an extremely lazy weekend. According to my Fitbit, I only took 9,817 steps all weekend.  That's how laid back we were!  It was very cloudy, humid and rained off and on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday morning began with watching TV while eating breakfast.  Then Bradley and Mike played legos and read books.  We went downtown Portland around noon for the Tall Ships parade and sat for 2 hours waiting for the ships to come.  I feel like all the events we go to, we are always saying "next year we will know that location is better than this location".  We still feel like such newbies in Portland and are trying to figure out the best place to view all the cool events they offer here.  We FaceTimed PopPop and Mimi on Saturday night and then ended the night with a Dr. Quinn marathon.

Legos are pretty much Bradley's favorite toy right now.
 Curious George and The Berenstain Bears are some of Bradley's favorite books.
Waiting for the ships to arrive!

It's a good thing he had a rocky beach to play on since we waited a very long time for the ships to arrive!  This kid can dig in the rocks and dirt for hours.

Bradley was actually disappointed in the ships because he was hoping to see a cruise ship.  

Keeping himself entertained while we watched Dr. Quinn.

We had a great service at church on Sunday.  Mike and I both really needed to hear the message on faith, acceptance, and praising God.  Mike had to change the brake pads on his car on Sunday afternoon and of course it had to downpour within 10 minutes of him starting the job.  Another relaxing evening spent finishing up some Dr. Quinn episodes.  That series brings back so many fun memories of my Mom and my siblings all watching it together! 

The cutest little paper boy bringing the Sunday paper to his Mama!

 Daddy's little helper!  He even washed Daddy's car with a small tree limb.  It was quite unlike any wash that car has ever been thru!

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