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Monday, July 6, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

What a great holiday weekend we had. Mike had Friday off which gave us a nice three day weekend to do a lot of things!  I love these relaxing, family weekends!

We went on a day cruise to Bailey Island on Friday. The weather was absolutely perfect and we saw some gorgeous scenery on the boat ride to the island.  On Friday night we went to the Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough to see fireworks.  They did a great job and we had great view even from the parking lot.

Ready for the boat ride!

 Scouting out the island and Mike taught Bradley all about hitchhiking.

 I love this little guy!

He loved the sparklers.

The only two pictures that look halfway decent.  The fireworks show lasted about 20 minutes and they really did a great job!

On Saturday morning, we did some light yard work.  Our flower beds were drowning in weeds and the pine needles were about an inch thick in the front yard.  As much as I love the shade the trees provide the house during the summer, those pine needles are never ending.  After lunch, we took a trip to Bradbury Mountain State Park and went hiking.  It was a really nice trail and Bradley surprised both of us with how well he did.  He didn't want the hike to end and begged us to find another trail.  We grilled steaks on Saturday night for supper and just had relaxing night at home.

Before picture of the beds.  Next year we will plant bushes and flowers.  I was too overwhelmed with everything else to mess with outside landscaping this summer. 
 Catching a breather on our hike.

After church on Sunday, we grabbed sandwiches and went to Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park.  This was another new park for us to visit and we thought it had more sandy beaches.  It didn't which was kind of disappointing but we still found a spot to land our beach chairs and enjoy the scenery.  We only lasted about an hour before the tide came in and we didn't have any dry land left.  There are a lot of hiking trails at this park which we'll check out at a later time.  I think the busy weekend finally caught up to us and we were ready to crash.

 The views were gorgeous and we had another perfect day of weather!
When the tide came in, this rock was completely covered in about 10 minutes.

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